Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love Is In The Air

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy love! Well, no, not for me….yet, but for my dear friend Matthew and my new friend Georgie. They threw the most elaborate, elegant wedding I have ever seen two cats host. Oh it was beautiful. The pageantry, the gowns, the food, the cake, the dancing and the HATS!! I was in heaven!
I was very excited to receive the wedding invitation. Matthew is one of my best Facebook friends and he has accompanied me on several of my adventures. I wanted to look my best, so I used some of my earnings from my jerky sales job to buy a gown and a new hat to match. I had heard that many single wedding attendees often find love at weddings, so I wanted to look my best. Not that I NEED a man in my life, but it would be fun to have a special tom!
I arrived a little early since I wasn’t familiar with the area where it was being held. It didn’t take me long to figure out I was in the right place!

I made my way to where the ceremony was being held and mingled for a while and met some lovely cats, dogs and ferrets. Soon it was time for the ceremony to begin. I saw Matthew for the first time standing up at the front in his military style attire. He looked quite handsome! Then the bride entered – she was breathtaking! She looked so beautiful in her white gown with the looooooong train. I was wondering if any of the smaller guests had be swept up under it!
The ceremony was lovely and we all cheered the new Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Brown as they walked down the aisle. We didn’t throw rice, but rather catnip. In retrospect, I don’t think that was a good idea. Some of the guests went a little nuts and ended up getting sweaty and dirty jumping all around and rolling on the ground. Fortunately, I don’t get that crazy over catnip and I certainly wasn’t going to do anything to ruin the sophisticated look I was going for. I put distance between myself and the catnip immediately after throwing my share. Then it was time to head for the reception – let the fun and frivolity begin! The happy couple led the way.

We all headed inside the beautiful banquet hall. It was a nice sunny day, so critters were wandered between the inside and the gardens. One could get anything they wanted to drink and there were very jazzy hors d’ouvres. I grabbed a glass of milk and some caviar and milled about inside waiting for the band to start playing. It didn’t take long before Dominic Catone opened the microphone and introduced the newlyweds to the crowd.

He then started singing a very beautiful slow song - Chicago's "Color My World." The happy couple floated onto the dance floor and had their very romantic first dance. Aaaaah, I thought, how lucky they are to have found each other.
When their special dance was over, the band launched into some lively music. I put down my milk and twirled myself out to the dance floor. It was a song that didn’t require a dance partner, so the floor was filled with critters just letting loose and having a great time. When that song was over, the band started to play a slow song. A tall handsome stranger walked up to me and asked me to dance. My knees became wobbly, but I managed to nod my head yes. He took my hand and spun me around – he was a very smooth character!!

We danced cheek to cheek all over the dance floor. He told me his name was Vincenzo and he was a very good friend of the bride and groom. He asked me if I was having a good time so far, and again I was at a loss for words…ME…at…a… loss…for…words. I just nodded and smiled.
When the music stopped he bowed and kissed my paw and then disappeared into the crowd. I don’t know how long I stood there before I snapped out of it, but I finally regained my wits about me. I needed a fresh glass of milk!!
I decided to get some fresh air and calm down. As I stepped outside I spied something beautiful that looked absolutely delicious; one of the wedding cakes.

No one was around, so I thought I would sneak a taste of the icing. I took just a tiny bit and quickly licked it up. Oh boy, was that delicious.! I was ready for dessert before I had even had dinner! I heard the band start to play dinner music, so I headed inside to dine. I had worked up quite an appetite with all that dancing and swooning!
Dinner was delicious and I was feeling quite sluggish and in need of a nap until talk of throwing the bouquet started. All of us single ladies would stand behind the bride and she would throw the bouquet over her head and whoever caught it would be the next to be married. I’m a plucky little thing, so I had a great chance of out-elbowing my fellow felines and nabbing the prize!
We went outside for the bouquet toss – which was good – more room to maneuver. Georgie wished us luck, counted to three and then flung the bouquet in the air (for a little thing she has quite a strong arm!) I never took my eyes off the bouquet as I leapt on an intercept course. I think I pushed another cat out of the way - I’m not sure, because I was on a mission.

It paid off – I grabbed the bouquet and held it high – victorious! Okay gentlemen, watch out! Let the hunt for my future husband begin!!!
I went back inside and danced up a storm. I never was at a loss for a dance partner and the party was rockin’. At one point we had a big ol’ conga line going that was so long that at one point some of us were inside, and some of us were outside! I had so much fun, though I did not meet my husband to be. While it was fun dancing with Vincenzo, he was a man of mystery and, I’m sure, quite the ladies man. I was looking for someone a little more down to earth and wholesome – like me!
We all danced and danced until we could dance no more. We waved goodbye to Matthew and Georgie as they headed off to start their honeymoon. Finally, the banquet hall people told us we had to leave so they could clean up, so the last of us hearty partiers had to head home. I can’t wait for the next wedding…maybe it will even be mine!
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’m sure there’s lots of Christmas preparations to do. My family is going to get all the decorations down from the attic and start transforming the house to a winter wonderland. Okay, maybe not a winter wonderland, but there’s lots of cool shiny stuff yet to be hung!

Love & licks,

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