Thursday, January 27, 2011

Colombia - It's a Whole Other Country

Vienes feliz! Feliz fin de semana! My apologies – my keyboard doesn’t have upside down exclamation points to make my greeting punctuationally correct. Oh, what a fun week I’ve had! I had the opportunity to do some international travel and it was very exciting! Let me tell you all about it! (As if you could stop me!)
My new, and very handsome friend, Radames, invited me to South America to visit him and learn about his country. Being the adventurous gal that I am, I jumped at the chance to learn about another culture. I did some tippy tapping on the computer to help me figure out what to pack and what to expect in this foreign land.
I spent last weekend packing and trying to learn a little Spanish. Mom and Dad surprised me with a brand new suitcase of my own! Even though it was a good size, it was a tight squeeze to fit all my hats and accessories into it. I prayed that security wouldn’t open it to check out the contents – I pictured some official looking person opening it up and having compressed hats come bursting out all over the place. While it would be amusing, I didn’t want to risk anything slowing me down and making me miss my plane.
This was my first flight and I was a little nervous. Mom and Dad took me to the airport and Mom cried when it was time to say goodbye at the security checkpoint. I hugged her and told her I would be fine and I would be back in no time. I breezed through security and turned to wave one more time before trotting down to the gate.
The flight attendants were very nice and made sure I made my connections in Charlotte and again at Dulles International airport in Washington DC. It was a long trip, but I knew Ramades would be waiting for me when I landed at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. Ramades thought we would have fun spending my visit in Bogota, the capital city – and the largest city in Colombia. That sounded very exciting, so we made plans to stay in the heart of the city.
It was a smooth flight, but I must admit it felt good to put my paws back on the good solid earth. I became dizzy watching the luggage go round and round on the carousel, but I found out that Mom and Dad knew what they were doing when they bought me a zebra print bag. I couldn’t get over how many people had the same kind of black suitcase. I don’t know how they knew which suitcase belonged to whom! I found mine easily - though I was dragged several yards while trying to get it off the carousel. Some kind gentleman grabbed both me and my bag and placed us gently on the floor. I thanked him for saving me and then headed anxiously out to the airport.
I was relieved to see my friend coming down the hallway. I must admit I was a little afraid he wouldn’t make it, or be late, but he was a man after my own heart by being right on time! I waved to him and he headed my way!

Radames had a good friend whose human drove a chiva, which is a special, festive looking bus. It used to be used for transportation in the countryside, but now it was a fun way for people to get around the city. His friend’s human had volunteered to chauffer us around for a couple of days in between taking some paying fares. Radames carried my bag out to the chiva and we climbed up on top as to not take away room from any people who might need a ride. It was a great vantage point to take in the scenery – plus the wind felt good ruffling my fur!

We took the long, scenic route into town and Radames was a great tour guide – who spoke excellent English - pointing out items of interest. I was quite tired from the long trip so we decided to stop at the hotel and change before meeting up for a nice dinner.
I was glad I brought along my good hat and silk scarf as Radames looked quite dapper when he came to my room to pick me up for dinner. He was so handsome, he made my heart go pitter patter. He offered his arm as we headed down to the chiva.
We sat inside the chiva this time and the driver played some tradition Colombian music as we slowly made our way through the beautiful city. He dropped us off at a very jazzy looking restaurant where Radames and I were seated at a lovely table. Radames took the liberty of ordering dinner and when the main course came I was pleasantly surprised. It was called bandeja paisa and it was delicious. We toasted our friendship with fluted champagne glasses filled with ice cold milk!

Of course, after such a big, wonderful meal I was very sleepy. I felt bad being a party pooper, but I needed to recharge myself for all the activities we had planned for the next day. We took another fun chiva ride back to the hotel and said goodnight. We agreed we would get started very early the next morning.

Radames had told me how beautiful the beaches of Cartagena were, so we took a long chiva ride out to the coast. I loved the beautiful mountains and lush green countryside of Colombia. I felt like I was in another world. And the beaches – unbelievable!! It was a little chilly so there would be no splashing in the water, but it felt good to bury my paws in the cool sand and feel the sun warming my ears. Radames had brought along a refreshing bottle of milk and some fluted champagne glasses ( He saw how much I liked the glasses the night before – everything tastes better in a pretty glass!!) We sipped milk and listened to the water lap up on the beach.

We both fell asleep and awoke refreshed and ready to head back to the city. We didn’t have to wait long for the chiva to return. Radames’ friend had picked up some passengers that were heading to Bogota, so we took our place on the roof and enjoyed the ride back.
We decided to do some walking around the city. I was amazed to come upon a giant guitar much like the ones I had encountered in Nashville. I wanted to try and play this one and Radames tried to lift me up to it, but it was just too big and high up!

As I slid back down to the ground, I noticed the golden arches of McDonald’s. I couldn’t believe it – a McDonald’s in a foreign country! Oh, I just had to go there! They had menu items like the Cheddar McMelt, the McNifica and the Quarteirao. Radames and I split a McFish sandwich and some fries. We hadn’t realized how hungry we were, so we were now refueled and ready for some shopping!
Radames knew of a place I could buy some traditional Colombian women’s wear and of course some hats – though I don’t know how in the world I was going to fit anything else in my suitcase! Trusting I would figure something out, we headed to seek out some street vendors.
We came upon a place with wonderful, colorful clothes and accessories. The nice senora there picked out a lovely outfit for me that I just loved. Radames made me blush when he told me how beautiful I looked in the bright colors. He is such a gentleman!

Radames paid for the outfit, which was very nice. I put my old hat in a bag and wore my new outfit. I felt so pretty! We window shopped and I purchased a few souvenirs for my family and friends. I also bought a small bag in which to carry anything that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase. We came upon some street musicians who were very patient about me joining in on their performance. I was in the latin spirit and kept perfect rhythm with the maracas. Radames was very patient and he danced along with the music.

I have seen street performers before, but this was one sophisticated bunch of musicians! It must be tough schlepping a piano from corner to corner!
After my performance we headed back to the hotel for a nap before dinner. We had yet another lovely dinner that night, and spent the next day going to museums, amusement parks and shops. Radames surprised me with a picnic lunch in the countryside which was one of my favorite things we did.
Time flew by and I had to head back very early Thursday morning. I had to fight back tears as I said goodbye to my new, dear friend at the airport. We had such a wonderful time that we promised each other we would do it again very soon. Maybe he could come to the U.S. to visit me! He gave me a big hug and waved and waved as I walked down the terminal to the gate. I peeked to see him one last time before I headed for the plane. I continued to wave and search for him through the airport windows – I don’t know if he could see me looking out the little airplane window – but I'd like to think that he could.
I cried a little as the plane took off, but then the distraction of food, drinks and bad movies took over and cheered me up.
Mom and Dad were waiting to pick me up at the teeny tiny Fayetteville airport. It was great to get back home to my own bed and familiar surroundings - and a familiar language. I e-mailed Radames and thanked him again for a wonderful time, and then promptly drifted off to sleep to dream of colorful chivas, beautiful beaches and McFish.
Adios a mis amigos!

Amor y lame,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Dolly!!

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaw! I spent the past week in Nashville, TN enjoying the history and wonder that is country music. While I am partial to dance music, I appreciate all different forms of music . I also love the interesting people who are in the music business. So many entertainers are such characters - I knew I would fit right in!
I found out that Dad was taking one of his trips to Nashville to do some song writing with his friends there, so I waited for a chance to sneak into the car. I wanted to surprise him when we arrived in Nashville. My opportunity presented itself when Dad propped open the door from the house to the garage and went upstairs to get his suitcase. I scurried into the garage and prayed he had left one of the car doors open. He had! I slipped myself under the coat he was bringing along that he had thrown into the backseat. I had to stay really still and hope he didn’t throw anything heavy on top of the coat. I breathed a sigh of relief when he got in the car and closed the car door. I heard the garage door open and we were off!!
I was planning on popping out from under the coat when we arrived in Nashville, but I had eaten a hearty breakfast of Friskie’s and had washed it down with big gulps of water before I had stashed myself in the car. I was not going to be able to make it the 9 hours to Nashville without getting out of the car to go potty. Dad stopped for gas several hours into the trip, so I figured it was time to surprise him… and relieve myself. When Dad reached into the backseat to get his wallet out of the coat I leapt out from under the coat. Dad jumped back and hit his head on the inside roof of the car. I could tell by his face he was REALLY surprised! It seemed to take him a moment or two to realize it was me – it might have had something to do with the fact he was seeing stars from the blow to his head – but he smiled when he recognized it was me. He hugged me and told me he was happy to see me. He asked if Mom had known about my plan. Oh no! I hadn’t said anything to her – she must be worried sick about me!!! Dad called her on his cell phone and assured her that I was fine. I got on the phone and apologized to Mom and then excused myself to head to the bathroom.
I’m glad I popped out early. I got to sit in the front with Dad and sing along with the radio and the CD’s he had brought along. It gave me an opportunity to familiarize myself with some of the music I was soon going to be hearing. The trip took a little over 9 hours. Boy, was I glad to get out of that car when we pulled up to the hotel!!!
We started out bright and early the next morning. Dad had some appointments, so I was free to do the touristy things in which Dad is not interested. I figured I would start off at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

I was able to get a crash course in country music. It didn’t take long for me to find an artist who was so much like what I imagine I would be if I were an entertainer. Wow! What a dynamo! She wrote songs for herself and others, recorded songs, acted in movies, scored a Broadway musical and won all sorts of awards. I figured Dad must have heard of her, so I would ask him if he could arrange for me to meet her.
There are so many thing s to do in Nashville that I didn’t know where to head next. As I was deciding, an odd building caught my eye. That must be the “Batman” building my Dad is always talking about. I stood and contemplated it for a moment and concluded that it did, indeed, look like Batman. I imagined how funny it would be if Batman stood in front of the Batman building. I stood on the street giggling. Now, THAT would be a picture!

I figured I would just walk along the street and experience whatever I happen to run into. I popped into one store and bought a couple of different cowboy hats and some bandanas with the last of my jerky selling money. I can’t wear the same thing every day! I continued on down the street and came upon a giant guitar. I thought I had seen another one earlier, and when I questioned a passerby, they confirmed that there were several of these monstrous guitars throughout the city. How cool. You know I had to try and play it, much to the amusement of others on the street.

It didn’t take me long to get tuckered out – especially after the long trip the day before. I figured I’d go back to the hotel and nap and do most of my sightseeing the next day.
When Dad got back to the hotel, I told him about my day and my new idol. He said he could spend some time with me the next day and that he had some friends with the Grand Ole Opry that would be able to get us backstage. Oh boy! I had learned about the Grand Ole Opry at the Hall of Fame, so I knew it was a special place. I made sure to go to bed early so I would be at my best the next day!
I was up early and sat around waiting for Dad to be ready to go. I told Dad I needed to stop and buy – well, I guess he would have to buy - something special for me to wear to the Opry. We went to several stores before I found the perfect outfit. It wasn’t cheap, so Dad said I would have to do chores to work off the cost of the ensemble. I don’t mind doing chores if it means I can look fabulous!!!
We went back to the hotel so I could change. It was a little tough cinching my waist to fit in my new dress, but I used a bandana to squeeze in my middle. Before we headed to the Opry, Dad asked if I was sure I wanted to be that dressed up – after all, it was a matinee. I didn’t care. I thought my outfit made me look just like my idol. Dad agreed. With that settled, we headed off to the Opry!
I was quite the hit of the backstage area, and just about everyone came up to me to say hello. I was standing looking out from the side of the stage when the Opry stage manager asked me if I could sing. But of course! The stage manager motioned to the talented gentlemen on stage and they waved for me to join them. I was a little hesitant since there were so many people in the audience but then I remembered the Dogwood Festival and New Year’s Eve. There were a lot of people there too, and I hadn’t been scared. I trotted out to the center of the stage and they handed me a microphone.

I received quite an energetic round of applause which made me glad I had bought such a great outfit. The other performers offered up several songs they could play for me until they hit one I knew. They launched into “I Will Always Love You,” which is not an easy song to sing, but I was able to howl all the high notes quite nicely. When I finished, the audience erupted into thunderous applause and they jumped to their feet. These people acted like they had never seen a cat perform on stage before!
I stopped to take a bow several times as I walked off stage. Wow! That was fun!
I was led to a dressing room in the back. I presumed it was to allow me to freshen up a bit after my performance. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it there stood a group people, none of whom I knew. One had a big camera and he walked to the back of the room. I wondered what was going on until I saw her. My idol, Dolly Parton!! She was even more beautiful in person than she was in pictures! I squealed with surprise which made her giggle. She hugged me and told me what a great job I had done singing her song. She told me she thought I looked so pretty, which made me giggle. She asked my name and proceeded to sign a picture for me. I was so excited. What a great souvenir of my special day!

The photographer took a few pictures of us and then as suddenly as everyone appeared, they disappeared. As I stood in disbelief, staring at the signed picture of Dolly, Dad came in and smiled. He had done all this for me! He had known Dolly was going to be appearing at the Opry and he had arranged for me to meet her. What a great Dad!!
We watched the rest of the show from backstage. It was great. I couldn’t believe how talented all the artists were. When it was over, Dad and I said goodbye to everyone and thanked them for a wonderful time. I was tired and hungry so we stopped to have something to eat and then headed straight back to the hotel.
I could go on and on about all the fun I had and the cool stuff I saw during the rest of my stay - the Ryman Auditorium, Opryland, RCA Studio B, Tootsie’s, Printer’s Alley - but my little paws are getting tired from tippy tapping. I will tell you that after we checked out of the hotel, while Dad went to one last writing appointment, I took care of something that had been driving me crazy every time we went around the traffic circle where 16th and 17th Avenues converge with Demonbreun St…

Much better! My work here is done. Back to Fayetteville!
It was great to get back home and see Mom, Tristan and all my friends again. That’s the nice part about travel – it makes you appreciate home. Now I’ll need the weekend to rest up from my vacation! Hope you have a relaxing weekend as well!

Love & licks,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jean Claude Kitty

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had my fill of winter. We had another snow storm this week that shut everything down for two days!!!! It wasn’t that the snow was so bad, but the sleet that settled on top of it made Fayetteville one giant ice skating rink! We did make the most of it though. It was fun to throw peanuts out in the backyard and watch the squirrels go running after them. They would run full speed and then when they tried to stop they would go sliding past the nut, arms and legs flailing. Steve and I sat on the back deck just guffawing at the sight!
Some of my friends and I sat around talking about the snow and we decided if we were going to have to deal with the snow, we might just as well deal with a lot of snow. We tippy tapped on my mother’s computer to find something to do in the snow. We “Gurgled” snow sports and found several from which to choose. Malcolm insisted we choose something that held the promise of a good meal afterwards, so we settled on skiing.
It was easy to compel Tristan to drive us to a ski resort with the promise of lovely snow bunnies. We suggested that he might enjoy a quiet afternoon hanging around the ski lodge meeting other winter sport enthusiasts….okay, well maybe he isn’t a winter sports enthusiast, but being at a ski resort gives the illusion of just that!
We found out we could rent the ski equipment at the ski resort when we got there, so Felisha, Barnaby and I eagerly got into Tristan’s car – Malcolm got into the car also, but he was not what I would call eager.
Of course Malcolm complained about being hungry the first part of the trip. When we finally couldn’t stand it anymore, we drove through a Kentucky Fried Chicken to get him a bucket to keep him quiet. We arrived at our destination late in the morning, leaving us all afternoon to try our hands – and feet – at skiing!
The ski resort was beautiful and I asked Tristan to take a picture of the adventurers before we headed out to the slopes. We all put on our warm ski hats and smiled for the camera…sort of.

We headed to the slopes and Tristan headed to the lobby to mingle with the other guests. The nice ski instructors made sure we were outfitted with the proper equipment and gave us a quick lesson on the bunny hill. Those bunnies were very white because they must have been blending in with the snow - I couldn’t see a single one!
Barnaby and Felisha picked it up quickly and wanted to go to a more advanced hill. Malcolm wasn’t trying very hard, so he wasn’t very good. I told Barnaby and Felisha to go ahead and I’d stay and keep an eye on Malcolm. We made plans to meet up later in the lodge and off they went. Malcolm was insulted I didn’t think he was good enough to go to a more advanced hill. I told him it was better to be safe than in a hospital, but he is just so stubborn!!!! He started after Barnaby and Felisha and I had to scramble to catch up.
We had to get on a chair lift to go higher up the mountain. It looked like fun, but unfortunately, once you were dropped off at the top of the mountain you had to ski (or tumble) all the way down. Again I tried to talk Malcolm out of it, but he would not be deterred. I jumped in the chair with him so there would be someone to call for help when he skied off a cliff.

We jumped off the chair at the top of the mountain. Malcolm took off zig zagging down the mountain. I carefully pushed myself off with my poles and took my time. I loved how quiet it was save for the gentle swishing of the snow as I made my way back to the bottom. I starting to wonder how Malcolm was doing when the answer appeared before my eyes

I would know that tail and KFC bucket anywhere! Malcolm was waving his arms, legs and tail around trying to extract himself from the snow bank. I went over and grabbed him around the belly and gave a good pull. He popped right out. He did not look happy. He had clumps of snow stuck in his fur all around his face. I couldn’t help but laugh, which made him even madder. I told him he should have listened to me and taken it slow, but he didn’t want to hear any of it. He said he was hungry and was going to go back to the lodge to get something to eat.
Barnaby, Felisha and I made several runs down the intermediate hill and had a wonderful time. We were getting hungry and tired, so we thought we should go find Malcolm and see what trouble he had gotten into.
We turned in our equipment and thanked the instructors for their expert help. We told them we would definitely be back and bring along even more friends. We headed to the lodge for some relaxation and a bite to eat.
It didn’t take us long to find Malcolm. He was sitting at the lobby fireplace roasting marshmallows on a stick in the fire. He also had a pile of s’mores next to him. He motioned to us to come over and he shared his delicious treats with us.

When Malcolm and Barnaby left to go find more provisions, Felisha and I bought some hot cocoa and sat on the comfy couches sipping our wonderfully steamy drinks and talking about the day.

It wasn’t long before the day of exercise and evening of s’mores and hot cocoa took its toll on us and we were all very sleepy. We found Tristan and asked him if he was ready to leave. He agreed it was time to go and we all dragged ourselves into the car for a nice long nap on the way home. As I drifted off to sleep I was already planning our next skiing outing.
I hope you have a wonderful week and perhaps tae some time this weekend to try your hand at skiing, The scenery is beautiful, it’s great exercise and the hot coca is delicious!!

Love & licks,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three, two, one...Happy Flea Year!

Hello My Fellow 2011ers!
Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy 2011! I hope your year started out fun – I know mine did! I rounded up some friends with whom to celebrate and we ended up having a very odd adventure.
Felisha, Barnaby, Malcolm and I bribed my brother into driving us to the Party in the Park event in downtown Fayetteville by offering to buy him some funnel cake. He is a fan of all things fried, so it was no surprise that he agreed to give us a lift. The first thing we did after arriving was to head to the funnel cake stand. We couldn’t believe the length of the line waiting to buy funnel cakes! We went to the end and settled in for a bit of a wait. SOME of us waited very patiently, while SOME of us with buckets on our heads tried to cut in front of others and steal food from the lucky folks who were further up the line. When it was finally our turn, we made sure to buy enough food so we wouldn’t have to wait on line again. Because the counter was so high, Felisha had to hoist me up so the server could see me.

Barnaby wanted French fries and Malcolm wanted a funnel cake all his own. Felisha and I decided we would watch our girlish figures and opted for a large bucket of diet cola. As we settled down to eat and drink, I spotted some friends over in the VIP tent. I told the others to continue enjoying their snacks and I would be right back.
I waved to Miss Mandy and Mr. Brad and they motioned for me to come over. They lifted me over the fence into the special area with free food and drinks. I poured myself a lovely fluted glass full of milk and we toasted the New Year!

I drank my milk and chatted with my friends about our New Year’s resolutions and hopes for 2011. It wasn’t long before I heard a commotion over by the funnel cake stand and saw Malcolm trying to take some of Barnaby’s French fries. The two of them were swatting at each other and Malcolm was hissing. I figured I better go play peacemaker, so I said goodbye to Miss Mandy and Mr. Brad and headed back to my feisty feral friends.
Poor Felisha was trying to calm the boys down, but they are two stubborn toms! I made them shake paws and apologize to each other and then we headed up toward the pretty bright stage lights.
The Dogwood Festival folks put on this event also, so they were well acquainted with me and my musical skills. As we approached the stage, several Dogwood staff members greeted me and asked if I was going to be entertaining the crowd. I told them I hadn’t planned on it, but I suggested to them that it would not take much arm twisting to talk me into it. After a few words of encouragement, I agreed to take the stage.
It turns out Felisha is musically inclined and she offered to join me on stage. I asked Barnaby and Malcolm if they would like to have some fun with us and Barnaby thought it he would give it a try. Malcolm mumbled something about still being hungry and skulked off to try and steal someone’s leftovers.
We took the stage and grabbed some instruments that were sitting up there. I thought Id try the fiddle and little Felisha took on the big stand up bass. Barnaby opted for a pretty acoustic guitar. We started to jam and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. I don’t know how good we were, but that’s the advantage of being a cat. – folks don’t expect you to be great. The fact you can do it at all seems to amuse them!

All too soon it was time for the headline act to go on so we had to say good night to the crowd. I’m a big fan of Hot Sauce so we stayed back stage and danced to their great music. We abruptly stopped dancing when we heard someone mention about a giant flea in Eastover that was dropping at midnight. What?!?!?!??! I knew Eastover was not that far from where I live, so I was very concerned. I have had a few unpleasant dealings with fleas and I know how annoying they can be! I mentioned about the giant flea to my friends and we felt compelled to take ourselves and our flea collars over to the poor residents of Eastover and offer our expert assistance.
We found Tristan eating his funnel cake in his car and we told him about the flea infestation. He laughed – though I don’t see what’s so funny about a flea crisis – and seemed happy to drive us there. We made a quick stop for some ammunition. We were going to be prepared!
We arrived and found the situation worse than I had feared. The first room we walked into was swarming with fleas. There were giant fleas hanging over the beauty queens’ heads just waiting to burrow into their perfectly coifed hairdos!!!!! I shrieked with horror, which seemed to draw people’s attention, unlike the fleas. Why was no one doing anything?

Though the fleas in the room were quite large, I heard people talking about the really giant flea outside. We set out to find it. Maybe it controlled the other fleas and if we captured it, the others would leave with it.
It was getting very late and we felt like we were running out of time to save these nice people. Felisha was the first to spy the ugly beast and she led us to it. The mayor of Eastover was holding it bravely, sacrificing his safety for the people in his town. We went running and screaming like banshees as we rushed to his aid and went to work spraying the ammunition we cleverly brought with us. While Barnaby and Felisha attacked the flea, I jumped up behind the mayor and applied the Advantage magic liquid just like my parenst do for me. We didn’t have a flea collar big enough for the mayor, but the flea liquid would do the trick!

The flea seemed to weaken and the mayor tied him to a pole – so he wouldn’t get away I supposed. Then the mayor started to pull the rope and lift the flea up and up and up until it was at the tippy top of the pole. How clever, I thought, he can’t bother anyone up there.! Then everyone started cheering and counting down from 10. As the crowd counted down the flea started to come down the pole. Oh no! He must have gotten loose somehow. My friends and I jumped up and grabbed the flea as soon as it was close enough.

We were still wrestling with it as it hit the ground and everyone started cheering “Happy New Year!!!!” We looked around and saw that no one seemed to care that a giant flea was about to bite them. At that moment I must have calmed down enough to look around and see things more clearly.
There were children running around with inflatable fleas with the Advantage logo on them. The littler fleas were toys, not mutant fleas!!! I took a closer look at the giant flea and noticed he had an incredibly goofy face – not like a real flea at all. I poked at him and found he was made of styrofoam and rubber. My friends and I had worked ourselves up into such a tizzy we hadn’t stopped to consider that the name of the location where we were in Eastover was… Flea Hill. Turns out the mayor and townspeople were proud of their heritage – even if it involved fleas. The giant flea was named Jasper after one of the original large landowners of Flea Hill.
I apologized to the mayor for spraying him with flea repellant and explained that we thought we were helping. He laughed and patted us all on the head and told us it was quite entertaining. He thought it was a good thing that he wouldn’t have to worry about being bitten by a flea for a long while!
The mayor invited us back for next year’s celebration. Hopefully by then I will have recovered from the trauma of battling a giant flea!
Hope you and yours have a healthy and prosperous new year!

Love & licks,