Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back yard doin's

Hello Dear Friends,

Happy Friday!! Happy weekend!! Hope you had a great week! Mine was quite odd, though inspirational. My one small act of kindness has mushroomed into widespread goodwill! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Pay It Forward” with Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and Edward James Olmos…no, that’s not right…..James Earl Jones….no, that’s not right….you know, that kid – “I see dead people”….yes, that’s it, Haley Joel Osment…I think. Anyway, where was I? Evidently Cali has seen that movie and is a big fan of it. Yesterday afternoon I was lounging on the couch in one of my everyday modest hats (meaning no glitter) when I spied Cali having a bite to eat on the back deck.

Much to my chagrin she was NOT wearing one of the hats I had given her the week before!

While I was still trying to catch my breath from the shock, I noticed something even worse – someone in the backyard was wearing the same hat that I had on my fabulous head. Now I know that there is not another creature on this planet that can wear a hat the way I do, but you want to feel unique and not have to look at someone else thinking they look as good as you. I guess I must have given Cali some of my duplicate hats – sometimes I love a hat so much I buy it twice!

Now really! Is there any comparison?!?!???!? Then I started looking around the yard and could not believe my eyes!

I asked Cali why she didn’t have a hat and yet all the other creatures in the yard did. Were they stolen by one of the critters ? Cali said, no, she was so touched by my kindness that she wanted to do the same for others. She said that so many of the animals wanted the hats that she didn’t have enough for everyone and ended up giving all her hats away. Just then, another stray cat came slinking up. It was a fuzzy gray cat I’ve seen around the neighborhood, Mangy Malcolm. He said he heard us talking and wanted to let me know that what Cali said was true. She had obviously been kind to him also…

Well, what’s a cat to do? I gave Cali a big hug then scurried upstairs to get some more hats. First, I changed my hat, of course, and then I collected a big pile of some of my duplicate hats. I had so many hats that I almost tripped going down the stairs. Once I reached the deck, all the animals clamored around me, trying to be the recipient of one of my fabulous hats.

I first looked for dear little Cali to give her first choice of hats. She was very thankful and picked a straw hat with flowers. Very un-winterish, but it matched her inappropriate white shoes. After that, it was a free for all, with fur and feathers flying as everyone tried to get a hat. It looked like women around a bargain bin at Walmart! When the dander settled everyone was very happy. Once again, I had a warm feeling inside.

Well, I have to go take hat inventory. I have given away so many hats that I may just have to go on a shopping excursion this weekend to restock. I’m always looking for an excuse to buy some hats! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Go through your closets and find some old hats and give them to a hatless creature. Remember, there is nothing worse than a hungry, hatless animal!!

Love & licks


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