Thursday, October 7, 2010

Author! Author!

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! First, let me apologize for the brevity of my discourse this week. It has been a very busy and exciting week, and my burgeoning literary career (and the obvious merchandising opportunities) have taken up most of my time. But I do want to share my exciting news with you!
As many of you already know, I have been working on a Christmas book. It’s not an easy task and many a tree was killed in the process. I would tippy tap on the computer and then print the page. I would read it and decide it was terrible and start the process over again. This went on for days and weeks and months. I figured I had better finish up before I couldn’t find my desk anymore!

I did indeed finish the book and had a graphic designer work with me to make it look nice and festive. Then I had to wait for weeks for the printer to get it all done and in my hot little paws. I was so excited when the printer called and said it was ready!! Mom and Dad drove me over there to inspect the books. They were just beautiful! It was so wonderful to see my name on the front cover! I am an author! I was so proud that I started purring and couldn’t stop. Mom took out her magic plastic card and gave it to the printer. When he was finished doing whatever one does with those little plastic cards, he helped us load the books and we headed home.
We had boxes and boxes of books, so I decided I’d better get busy selling them. I set up a stand in the backyard and waited for the literary aficionados to arrive

It didn’t take me long to figure out that there were no literary aficionados in my backyard. It finally dawned on me that my friends were wild animals and most, if not all of them, could not read. They didn’t have families to teach them like I did. I was sad that my friends were not going to be able to read my story, but then Bobbi came by and offered a wonderful solution. She suggested I do a reading of my book. What a great idea! My friends would meet and enjoy my story together! Bobbi is so smart!
It didn’t take long to round up some friends that were nice enough to agree to listen to my story. Corny, Malcolm, Skippy, Tux, Jibbers and Cami all came over! They sat quietly and listened, laughing in all the spots where I had meant it to be funny. Even Corny held his tongue the whole time I was reading aloud!

I read slowly and turned the book to show everyone the pictures. When I was all finished, my kind friends gave me a standing ovation. I felt so happy and proud. I invited them all to stay for refreshments. We ate our snacks and talked about the book. My dear friends congratulated me on my accomplishment and assured me that if they could read and had money they would most certainly buy a book! It had been a very exciting day and I was in need of a lengthy nap, so I thanked them for their time and kindness and bid them adieu.
I’m hoping my Mom has time to help me set up a store on my website this weekend so I can start selling my books so, as my Mom put it, her “magic plastic card doesn’t explode.” Another reason I am anxious to sell my book is because I am giving $1.00 from each book sale to the shelter that took such good care of me when I was familylesss. I have 1,000 books which means I could give them $1,000!!!! That would make my friends there so happy!
I hope you all have an exciting weekend. Sit down and write a few pages about something you’re interested in. I bet you enjoy it, and who knows – maybe someday you’ll have your name on the cover of a book!

Love & licks,

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