Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tail Tales

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! How I miss my happy tail!!! I have had quite the strange week. There are just some things in this world that you don’t appreciate until they are not working right. This week has given me a new appreciation for my wonderful tail.
It all began last weekend when I awoke with an odd malady. My tail was hanging straight - and I mean straight - down. I couldn’t lift it, I couldn’t swish it, I couldn’t even move it out of my way to sit down!!

Evidently, I use it to balance when I jump on top of things, so I did not have my usual cool feline prowess. Mom and Dad thought I was mad at them, but it didn’t take them long to start worrying. They then thought maybe I was sick. They lifted my limp tail and looked around and concluded that there was nothing outwardly wrong with me.
I dragged my tail around all day. I was feeling fine. I ate, I drank, I was merry. I played with Vuvu and Cali in the yard during the day and cuddled up with Mom and Dad at night. I figured it would come back eventually so I wasn’t worried about it. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad were.
Monday morning while Mom was still at work, Dad grabbed his car keys and me and headed to his car. I was very excited. I thought maybe we were going to meet Mom for lunch at a seafood restaurant. Nope. When the car stopped we were in front of a place that looked vaguely familiar to me. I had been here before. When I walked in I could smell other cats and dogs. A lot of them. There was barking and meowing and suddenly I realized where I was. I turned and made a beeline for the door, but Dad had anticipated that and was waiting to scoop me up. I joined in on the meowing.
Mom showed up a few minutes later. That couldn’t be good. She was supposed to be working. How were we going to pay the bills if she was hanging out at the vet’s office with me. I tried to convince her that we should all go and perhaps stop for a nosh on the way home. She didn’t buy it so we sat and waited to be called into the “room.”
It was finally my turn and Dad plopped me down on this cold, hard metal table. I was not happy. Now my mood matched my tail.

This very nice doctor came in and tried to make friends with me, but I was having none of it. She poked and prodded me. After all that she stuck a needle in me for something called Distemper. My temper was just fine before I was jabbed! Now I was in a state of distemper!!
The vet took wanted to take my temperature. I turned and opened my mouth, but that’s not how she wanted to take it. Yikes!!!! That was unnecessary!
The only good thing was the fact that I lost a pound since I was last there. As to my tail, the vet told me to take it easy and not move my tail at all if possible. I shook my head no, I couldn’t possibly. which was not a smart thing to do. A short time later my parents were carrying me out of the vet’s office with a cast on my tail.
I decided if I was going to be an invalid, I might as well be an invalid all the way. I had Mom borrow a hospital bed from her friend at the hospital and I had it set up outside so I could still see my friends.
It didn’t take long for word to spread that I was confined to bed. Of course Bobbi was the first to arrive on the scene to offer aid.

Bobbi figured I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed to get something to eat so she brought me one of my favorite things – shrimp cocktail. She was very surprised at how many get well presents I had received already. She told me that some friends would be stopping by shortly to check on me. Oh goody!
It didn’t take long before the stream of well wishers began coming up the deck steps. I was touched that so many of my friends were concerned about my health and evidently my hunger. Every single friend brought me something to eat. So much for that pound I had lost!

It was great!! Hammy and Skippy baked me a squirrel cake that was absolutely delicious! Handsome Rocky caught a huge tuna just for me and Jibbers baked me an adorable cupcake decorated with a band aid. One of the most touching gifts I received was from Malcolm. He actually gave me an entire bucket of chicken – and it was all there – he hadn’t even eaten one piece! I guess he does care after all!
Cali found the biggest bottle of milk that I’ve ever seen! Felicia paid attention to what I’ve said and knew that I love Friskies Party Mix and she brought me a big old bag of that. This was turning into a party! I chatted with each one of my friends and assured them that I would be as good as new in no time. After a while, Bobbi decided that I had had enough excitement and needed to nap. She shooed everyone off the deck and told them they could return later. I told them I had enough food so next visit they could just bring themselves.
As I drifted off to sleep I smiled at the thought of all my generous friends. I thought how much fun it will be to get the cast off and once again run around and play with the diverse group of creatures that are my friends.
Have a great weekend and a wonderful week. Do something nice for a friend – I know they’ll appreciate it!

Love & licks,

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  1. Aww our dear friend Josie... we do hope you feel better soon xxxx sending you hugs and kisses Lots of Love Jibbers and Cami xxxxxx