Thursday, August 26, 2010

Girls' Day Out

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Hope you had a wonderful week. Mine was especially calm and relaxing. After all the planning, coordinating, entertaining, spinning, flying and convalescing I’ve been doing, it was time for a week off. I thought it would be fun to get some of my gal pals together and have a girl’s day out. Okay, well maybe I didn’t give up planning altogether, but one must plan to make an adventure successful!
It wasn’t hard to find some gals interested in some “me” time. Bobbi, Cali and Cami all jumped at the chance to go somewhere relaxing to be pampered. There is a great day spa not far from my house, so we made a date to go do whatever they do at spas.
When we walked in we immediately began to relax. There was soothing music, a gentle waterfall and absolutely no catnip toys. After I handed over Mom’s magic plastic card for a few runs through their machine, we were whisked to a back room where we were given towels to wrap around our ears. The spa people didn’t want any oils, water or mud to get in our ears. I did a double listen when the spa lady said mud. How in the world would mud get in our ears?!?! I was not going to mud wrestle – well, that’s the only thing I could think of! It was explained to us that a mud bath was very soothing and good for your skin. Oooooooh! Okay, I was up for that. I know when it’s really hot outside it feels good to lay in the cool, damp dirt. This was the same concept I supposed.
Cami was the only other critter who was up for a mud bath. The two of us were led to a room with two big tubs of mud. Though I was tempted to do a cannonball into the mud tub, I refrained and instead slid myself slowly down into the warm, moist mud. It seemed to envelop me and I immediately relaxed. The soothing music playing helped to enhance my calm and I decided that mud baths were great! Aaaaah, this is the life. Cami eased herself into her mud tub and let out a little sigh as she settled in. Out of nowhere one of the spa ladies appeared with some food. I was trying to figure out how I was going to put food in my mouth with muddy hands when the lady reached down and placed a cucumber slice on my eye. Just as I started to say “excuse me”, the cool of the cucumber kicked in. That felt wonderful! The warm of the bath and the cool cucumber felt soooo good. I looked over at Cami. She had the cucumber slices on her eyes as well. I started to giggle because she looked like some kind of alien!

After a while, the spa people dragged us out of the mud bath. We met up with Bobbi and Cali who had opted for a massage. They both looked quite refreshed. We decided it would take a dip in their heated pool. I ended up being the only one who went for a swim. The others were so relaxed that they wanted to take naps on the lounge chairs alongside the pool.

By the time I finished my dip in the pool, it was time for lunch. They had a lovely area set up outside with tables and chairs and a buffet! You know how my friends and I love a buffet. They had some lovely salmon and tuna salad, so I was happy! There was quite the variety of food, and everyone was able to fill their bellies.

After lunch we went back to poolside and took another round of naps. I joined them this time. A full belly after much relaxation makes for one tired kitty! I drifted off to sleep hoping I wouldn’t start drooling all over the nice lounge chair.
The spa lady came and woke us up to tell us that if we wanted pedicures we were going to have to get started. We were ushered into the pedicure room. There were enough chairs for all of us to get pedicures at once. What fun!

We each picked out a color for our nails – I wanted red, Cami thought pink would look nice on her, Cali opted blue and Bobbi wanted gold. We also received a complimentary drink with our pedicures and we all enjoyed a nice big, icy cold glass of lemonade. We kept the towels on our heads even after the threat of something getting in our ears had passed – they were sort of like hats and we like hats!!!! We had fun just chatting and laughing while the pedicurists did their work. We were disappointed when they were done because that meant it was time to leave. I could have stayed there all day and night and still not have had enough!
We were so relaxed and mellow, we did not feel like walking back home. I called Tristan and had him come pick us up. When we arrived back at the house we agreed that we need to have a spa day more often. I think we’ll wait and see what Mom says about her magic plastic card statement before we plan the next one!!
Have a wonderful week. Make sure to make some time to relax!!!

Love & licks,


  1. Ooh thank you for the lovely adventure during the week josie... us girls had such a great time being pampered :0) Thank you !!! your friend Cami :0) xxxx

  2. Great story!
    If you would like a new character to work with, Sonar has a bunch of photos on facebook you can use.