Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catty Shack

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy happy tail!! I am happy (that’s a lot of happys!) to report that my tail is just about back to normal. It still turns a little to one side and has one spot that is still out of my control, but for the most part I am able to express myself once again. I did not like walking around looking unhappy – that is so un-me!!
My friends and I were sitting around finishing up the last of the food that I had accumulated from my well wishers the week before, when Corny came flying out of the sky and landed clumsily on the deck railing. He started telling us about the men with sticks beating a small defenseless white creature in the green field at the end of the block. We all agreed what an outrage that was and we asked Corny to lead the way to the scene of this injustice.
When we arrived on the scene, the vigilante cardinals were already taking action. They had surrounded the poor defenseless white creature to protect it - but I didn’t see anyone with sticks.

We asked the cardinals what was going on and they eyed me suspiciously. “Who wants to know?” the head cardinal sneered. I remembered then that they did not like me. “A band of concerned citizens,” I replied. The cardinals told us the same story that Corny had relayed but they called it an egg instead of a white creature.
I went over to the egg/creature and sniffed it thoroughly. I poked it with my nose and then gave it a gentle tap with my paw. I started to laugh as I told the others that this wasn’t a creature, it was a ball. It was a special kind of ball – a golf ball.
Evidently, none of my cohorts had watched golf on TV and had no idea how the game worked. Both my Dad and brother play and they had explained it to me when we watched it on TV. I looked around and saw a golf cart with a couple of sets of golf clubs just sitting on the fairway. There was no one around so I thought perhaps the course was trying to drum up some business by offering free cart and club rentals. I asked my friends if they were up to learning a new sport and they enthusiastically said YES!
After I spent several minutes convincing the vigilante cardinals that the golf ball was not an egg, I asked for a volunteer to take the first swing. Jibbers said that he was the first out of the airplane when we sky dived… sky dove… skied dived… went parachuting, so it was someone else’s turn to be the first to try something.
Bobbi volunteered to be the first and she grabbed a club and addressed the ball. “Hellooooo ball” (sorry I couldn’t resist.)

She’s a little thing but she smacked it with all her squirrel might and it flew through the air and landed on the green. We all clapped in appreciation of her skill and decided we would ride down to the ball in the golf cart.
We had a small problem though. None of us was built to drive a golf cart. Several of us tried to stretch way out and reach the gas pedal while holding on to the steering wheel, but it didn’t work. Even Cali with her long legs couldn’t do it. We put our heads together and came up with a plan. Skippy would steer the cart while Jibbers worked the pedals. Most of us climbed aboard and waited to start our fun ride. I think Jibbers got confused and pressed on both pedals at once. The cart revved up but did not move. Then Jibbers figured out what he had done and released the brake. That’s when the wild ride began. The cart popped a wheelie and we took off on two wheels.

Clubs and cats went flying!! Woooohooooo! Hammy and Skippy were just giggling away as Cali, Tank and I were flung in the air.
It didn’t take Jibbers long to get the hang of it, and we were sailing around the golf course with ease. Every now and then someone would get out of the cart and hit a golf ball, but we really never got serious about the game.
After we spent a while in the heat, we all started to get punchy. Somehow Malcolm had gotten his hands on some chicken – I don’t want to know how – and had made a chicken kabob with a golf club. I told him to take the chicken off the golf club – it was going to make the club all greasy! He ignored me so I started to swat at him with a golf club of my own. He swatted back and we started a sort of sword fight. Cali and Jibbers were getting bored with golf and climbed a tree. Corny was fed up with the whole thing and decided that the only way the little white golf ball was going to end up in the hole was if he put it there. He picked it up and flew over to the hole and dropped it in.

It was getting late so we all climbed back into the golf cart and headed back to the hole that was at the end of our street. We left the cart and clubs (some greasier than others) where we found them and headed home.
I hope you have a fun weekend! Drag your friends out to try something new!
Love & licks,


  1. Brilliant story josie :0) but shh.... between us can i come on one of your adventures next week <3 xx ? love your adventures josie lots of love Cami xxx

  2. Sonar says thanks for the hat!