Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy Easter! Are you all looking forward to the arrival of the Easter Bunny? I know I am! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into all those tuna and salmon Easter eggs. But before arising on glorious Easter morning, I had to orchestrate a memorable Easter egg hunt for the animals in the neighborhood.
I managed to keep Corny out of the planning of the event, so I figured there wouldn’t be any inappropriate decorations or refreshments. I made a lovely fruit punch and the usual snack of tuna on a Ritz. Since it was a special occasion I made some liver pate on Wheat Thins and some shrimp with a cocktail sauce dip. I also had to put out bowls of seed and nuts for my un-fish eating friends. After setting up the lovely spread on the deck, I turned my attention to egg hiding for the big egg hunt!!
It seemed to take forever to “hide” all the eggs. There weren’t a whole lot of places to hide them, so they more or less were just sitting around the yard.

Just as I finished up and was going to sit for a spell, a flock of cardinals landed in the yard. They all were in the spirit of the holiday with bunny ears on their heads, but they did NOT look at all happy!

They started to gather my eggs! I ran over to them and asked why were they messing with my carefully arranged eggs. The leader of the cardinals – he had the special duck hat – glared at me and said that he and his friends did not appreciate me using eggs for my amusement. They were going to give them back to the families who laid them and he didn’t want any interference from me. I started giggling, which really made him mad. I tried not to laugh as I told him they were not real eggs, they were chocolate eggs! He looked a little embarrassed, though he did not attempt to apologize. I told him maybe he and his squad should check around the neighborhood to look for some real offenders. I offered the cardinals some seed and punch. They accepted my invitation and by the time their bellies were full, all was forgotten. They waved goodbye as they took off to dispense their vigilante justice. Now that the first wave of guests were gone, it was time for my friends to arrive. Cali was the first to enter the yard. She looked as darling as ever, but she had on some rather odd headwear.

She said she loves peeps, and since she could seem to do nothing but eat all the time lately, she thought it would be appropriate to wear food, That way if she got hungry, she could treat herself to some peeps. Next to arrive was Bobbi. She had asked me if it was okay to bring her cousin who was visiting from out of town. I told her that of course it was fine. I couldn’t wait to meet him. Since it was a relative of Bobbi’s, I promised not to chase him. I made all the other guests agree not to chase him either. He was quite the handsome squirrel and it turned out that he was very interesting His name was Quentin Squirreltino and he was some big time director of motion pictures. He had quite the air about him!

He was currently working on an action/drama called “Inglourious Bird Terds.” He carried around this megaphone and kept looking at people through a frame he made with his hands. He didn’t want to participate in the egg hunt – he just hung around the food table and ate.
Soon the rest of the crew arrived. Corny came squawking into the yard at 90 miles an hour with his bunny ears barely hanging on to his head!

He headed straight for the punch bowl and I was afraid he was going to jump into it and take a bath! But he was just thirsty and wanted to wet his whistle so he would be able to tell lots of knock, knock jokes.
Everyone else pretty much showed up at the same time.

Once everyone was assembled, I gave out the easter baskets. Malcolm mumbled something under his breath about not wanting to carry a basket. I said that was fine. Since I had an extra basket, I called over to Britney who had emerged from her house. She was delighted to be invited and we ALL helped her climb over the fence. Once everyone was lined up I told them to “go-a-huntin’!” Since the eggs weren’t that hard to find they all scurried around trying to be the quickest. They would bump into each other and playfully push each other as if they were fighting for the eggs. At one point little Dot was laughing so hard she couldn’t hold on to her basket. I guess I had gone a little overboard with the eggs, because even when everyone’s baskets were full there were still eggs left!

Since Malcolm wouldn’t use a basket, his eggs were just laying in a pile in front of him. I asked him how he was going to take all his eggs home and he said he was just going to eat them here. Somehow, I knew no good was going to come from that!!
Everyone took their baskets up on the deck and we had some more punch, snacks and a few eggs. Once we were all full and in need of a nap we decided we all needed to head home. Before anyone could leave we had to lift Britney back over the fence and into her own yard. That proved to be much harder than when we lifted her over earlier… she had been snacking quite a bit and wasn’t as easy to lift. We had to call in Baby from next door to help.

With Baby’s help we popped her right over. We all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. I was exhausted, as a good hostess should be at the end of her party. I sat on the deck and sipped on the last of the punch. I told the birds and squirrels passing through to take whatever they wanted of the leftover eggs. That made them very happy. They made me promise not to chase them as they collected the eggs to take home to their nests.
Well, I hope you have a very Happy Easter and that the Easter bunny is good to you. Until next week…

Love & licks,


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  1. What a great party! Glad you all had a great time.