Friday, April 9, 2010

Pool Party

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! It seems like we’ve totally skipped spring here in North Carolina, and have already launched into summer. The temperatures were up in the 90’s this week!!!! That makes it quite uncomfortable outside for those of us with fur coats.
I had invited several of my new one-eyed kitty friends over for a mid-afternoon social. I was very excited about meeting other onesies – I hoped they liked me! I had kept the refreshments simple – milk and chicken – Kentucky fried chicken no less – I spared no expense (or I should I say I ddi not spare Mom’s magic plastic card!) I was concerned though, because it was just so hot outside. Mom said it was better if I had my gathering outside, because we don’t have a litter box inside and the other kitties may not be toilet trained like me. Since we had to be outside, I had to think of some way to keep us all cool. I iced down some cartons of milk, but that didn’t seem like it would be enough.
My new friend Felisha was the first to arrive – she thought I might need some help preparing for my guests. Wasn’t that nice! We chatted about my concern about the heat, and Felisha came up with a great idea. Turn the gathering into a pool party! I had seen one of those little pools folded up in the garage and if Felisha would help blow it up we could bring the hose around and fill it up. We dragged the pool from the garage and began taking turns blowing it up. Just as I was starting to feel a little dizzy we finished it up and then filled it up with water. Just as we were finishing up, Malcolm emerged from the neighbor’s yard. He was eyeing the cooler of milk. I told him he could help himself to milk and chicken if he would help with the life guarding duties. Since one had to be able to see a wide area of the yard to be an effective lifeguard, I felt two eyes would be better than one. Malcolm could never turn down food, so he agreed to be our lifeguard.
While we were waiting for the rest of our friends, I couldn’t stop thinking how cool and refreshing the water looked. I brought out some goggles and bathing caps that were boxed up in the garage with the pool. Felisha chose to wear a colorful bathing cap to keep the water from getting in her ears. I suggested that one of us should test the water. Felisha said that since it was my home, I should have the honor. As I headed to the water something crazy took over and I ran up on the deck, climbed on top of the rails, screamed “Cannonbaaaaaaaalllllll” and jumped off the deck into the pool.

Water splashed everywhere! It was so loud it stopped Malcolm mid-chew. He looked up, shook his head and took another piece of chicken. Felisha giggled and clapped and told me it was one of the best cannon balls she had ever seen!
After we refilled the pool, the rest of our friends arrived. I distributed the icy cold milk and we spent some time chatting and sipping our milk. I decided to change into my swimwear so I would be ready to hit the water when it was time. Lucy chose a cool pair of blue goggles. One-eye Hynes and Jack did not like the water, but they said they would enjoy watching the rest of us swim.

Rocky, Tina and Winky said they also would enjoy a dip in the pool. It didn’t take long before we were all feeling the heat and we headed to the pool. Rocky decided he wanted some goggles and Winky thought it might be prudent to wear a bathing cap to keep the water out of her ears. Once we were all decked out, it was time to hit the pool!!!!

Oooh, the cool water felt so good! It seemed no one wanted to actually go under the water. We had all seen too many pictures of wet cats and wet cats are not pretty!! Maybe if we had known each other a little better - we still were trying to make a good impression on each other, so we were being a little more reserved. We stayed in the water for a looong time. We figured it was time to get out when the pads on our little kitty feet were beginning to wrinkle.
We all dried off, had another carton of milk and decided we were all worn out! We said our good byes and agreed we would do this again very soon! We also agreed that next time we would go under the water. Lucy stayed and helped me pick up the empty milk containers and chicken bones – which were mostly under the lifeguard chair!! I thanked Malcolm for his service. I gave him a big hug which caught him off guard. I believe I made him blush! He mumbled something about good chicken then meandered off. Another successful social event complete!
I’m glad Mom took pictures. I e-mailed them to my friends so they could remember our good time. But oddly, there was something I hadn’t even noticed the first time I looked at the pics. I looked closer and couldn’t believe my eye!

How did we not see a squirrel among us?!?!!?!?! I guess we weren’t the only ones uncomfortable in the heat! He - or she - couldn't be having fun with his-or her- head under the water like that. I did see Malcolm get down from the lifeguard chair once, but I thought he was just looking for more chicken. I guess there's a squirrel out there who owes Malcolm one!
It is supposed to be cooler this week, so there will be no swimming for me! Hope the weather has warmed up where you are, but not too much! Have a great week!

Love & licks,


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