Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prelude to a Wedding

Happy weekend friends! Happy April Fools' Day as well! I know it’s one of Corny’s favorite holidays – and Malcolm too, I suppose. Corny will go around playing pranks on everyone all day, so I must keep up my guard!
Can you believe it’s April already? Have you noticed that time seems to go faster the older you get? I have been amazed at how time seems to have sped up since I turned 3! Keeping that in mind, I knew I needed to start planning my wardrobe for the big event – the royal wedding – as it would be here in no time. I knew I needed help finding the perfect gown in which to spend such a special day. While I love Mom to pieces, she is not exactly up on fashion – ok, I was being nice, she has NO sense of fashion.
While none of my animal friends have ever worn gowns, nor have even wished to wear gowns, I couldn’t ask for help from any of them. Suddenly, it dawned on me! Why not have a “queen” help me find my outfit for a royal wedding – Briana! Since I had helped her find her crown winning gown, I’m sure she would be happy to return the favor. I sent her an e-mail and was delighted when she agreed to help me.
My dear friend Bobbi keeps up with current events and knew about Prince William’s impending nuptials. She is my only animal friend that can read and she makes it a point to read the newspaper everyday. She picks a different house each day from which to “borrow” a newspaper for a few hours and she makes sure to return it carefully to its plastic bag. If you live in Fayetteville and you ever think your brand new paper looks read already – it was Bobbi!
Bobbi was very excited for me when I showed her my invitation to the wedding. I invited her to go with me, but she said she would be busy getting her nest ready for her spring litter. She did offer to go shopping with me, and since I value her opinion, I invited her to come along with Briana and me. Unfortunately, Malcolm heard us making plans and asked if he could come along. I told him he wouldn’t like shopping and he would be bored at the mall. He asked if the mall had food. Of course, silly! Then he wanted to go. Personally, I think he has a crush on Briana and wanted to tag along to hang out with her. I told him he could come if he promised to behave and pay for his own food. He started mumbling – mostly derogatory things about me - but somewhere in his grumblings he said okay.
Briana came to pick us up at my house, since she was the only one among us who could drive. When I went shopping at Christmas last year, I wore a disguise which seemed to keep people from recognizing me from all my concert performances and the huge newspaper article that had been in the Fayetteville Observer. I thought since Briana was a famous beauty queen, she would also need a disguise. Since I didn’t want Bobbi and Malcolm to feel unimportant I made sure to have disguises for them to wear too. When Briana arrived I handed out the disguises and declared us ready to shop!

We looked at each other and started giggling. We decided that we drew more attention by wearing the disguises than if we just risked someone recognizing one of us. We left the disguises behind and headed for the car. You have to admit, Briana even looked cute with a big nose and mustache – now that’s beauty!!
We had no sooner pulled out of the driveway, when Malcolm started complaining that he was hungry. I was already sorry I let him tag along! I told him we would stop at KFC for him, but he could not bring any food with him into the store. I should have realized that he never actually agreed to that, which made for much ado later in our outing. Briana was a very good driver and we arrived safely at the mall. We had a lovely time window shopping, though all Malcolm wanted to do was drag us to the food court!

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any stores that had the formalwear for which I was looking. Was no one else in this town going to the royal wedding?!?!?!?!??! We realized we weren’t going to find what I was looking for at the mall, so Briana suggested we head to another store that carried bridal and bridesmaids gowns. Great idea! We all piled back into the car and hit the road again. The bridal store wasn’t far away and we were there in no time.
The store was beautiful and I was overwhelmed by their selection of gowns. I was very glad I had invited Briana and Bobbi along for advice and opinions. I told the sales lady that I was looking for a full length gown in my signature color – pink. Since it was springtime, there were lots of pink gowns from which to choose. The sales lady brought me several dresses to try on. I wanted to be very careful to not catch the dress on any of my claws, so Briana helped me slip the dress over my head.

I selected a matching hat and headed out to the area where there was some room to walk and several mirrors in which to admire myself. All of a sudden, I heard a commotion back where the changing rooms were. A very unhappy lady, the manager of the store I presumed, came walking up to us holding a very greasy pawed Malcolm. “There is to no food allowed in this store!!” she exclaimed. I glared at Malcolm. He shrugged at me. I never thought to check his bucket hat for chicken. He had smuggled a bunch of chicken into the store and had proceeded to consume it rather messily in a dressing room!
I apologized to the manager and proceeded to banish Malcolm to the car. Bobbi escorted him out and returned to the store after Malcolm was safely secured in the car. Then Bobbi was kind enough to volunteer to clean up the mess. What a good friend!
With that distraction eliminated, we could get back to the fashion show! I tried on several dresses, but none of them struck me. Briana was very honest in her opinions and wasn’t afraid to express her dislike of a dress!

As I went to change into my next dress, I started feeling bad about poor Malcolm out in the car. I sent Bobbi out to bring him back in. He was so pathetic as he came slinking over to me and he nodded dejectedly as I lectured him on behaving properly. I told him to stay within my line of vision. He stuck his tongue out at me and plopped down on the divan. I returned to the mission at hand and Briana helped me into the next dress. Again, her reaction was not good, and I certainly agreed!

Oh well, on to the next dress! The next one was a little better, though Briana wasn’t too sure about it. She kind of looked it over and was pondering way too much. If it was the right one, we would have known it right away!

I don’t think the sales lady was feeling my sense of style. I asked Briana to pick one out for me. She went through the racks and racks of dresses until she came to one that made her smile. She pulled it off the rack and brought it to me.

Ooooooh! How appropriate - a gown accented with kitty faces. How did the sales lady miss this one?!? I couldn’t wait to try it on! As I stepped from the dressing room and stepped up to the mirrors, Briana and Bobbi broke into applause. This was it – we had found the perfect dress!

I gave the sales lady Mom’s magic plastic card, and the dress was mine. I guess I should have asked how much the dress was, but Mom will find out when she gets her bank statement…or runs out of money sooner than she expected. Either way, it was still mine. Isn’t it beautiful?

There were alterations to be done to make it fit me purrfectly, so I didn’t get to bring it home with me. I was so excited though, that I bought everyone dinner with Mom’s plastic card. I knew she would want me to!
I am really starting to get excited about the wedding now! Only a few more weeks before the big day is here!! I still haven’t purchased a wedding gift yet, but that will be a day of shopping another time. Before I bid you adieu for another week, I would like send out a special thank you to Briana and Bobbi for their patience and support in my quest for the perfect gown. I believe I have found it!! Have a fabulous week!
Love & kitty kisses,

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