Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paw Prince

Happy Friday! This week’s discourse has an international flair. No, I didn’t get involved in the momentous political goings on in the world. Nor did I go to Paris for the flashy events of “Fashion Week.” I may like hats and fashion, but the clothes they show on the Paris runways are a little far fetched for my tastes. I would be afraid I would start giggling in the middle of everything and embarrass myself. No, it was a little more down to earth, but quite exciting.
It was a comparatively mellow week for me, though it was filled with some angst and anticipation. Have you ever been expecting some exciting mail and you wait hopefully every day for the mailman/woman to make that all important delivery? Fortunately, our living room couch sits across the picture window that looks out on our front yard, so I had a front row seat to the daily mail delivery. I think our mail lady was tired of me scurrying out to greet her every day – she knew I didn’t come out just to say hello to her!
Let me relate to you the events that led to my interest in our daily mail delivery. It all started during my return trip from Australia. We had to make a stop in London to drop off some of our UK friends and the airline decided they needed do some maintenance on our airplane before we continued our trip. While most of our group decided to stay close to the airport, I took the opportunity to explore the historic city.
Lucky for me, the taxis in London take magic plastic cards, so I had the means to do some serious sight seeing. I was getting hungry, so I asked the cab driver to take me to a good fish and chips restaurant. He dropped me off at a place called Geale’s where I dined on delicious fish, great chips and a big glass of icy cold milk! I paid for my meal with Mom’s magic plastic card and headed out to explore some more.
As I started trotting down the street, I heard a voice behind me that was calling out my Mom’s name. I spun around – was my Mom here?!?!?!?! I turned to see a handsome young man waving my Mom’s magic plastic card in the air. I must have dropped it in the restaurant! I scurried back to get the card and thanked the nice young man for saving me a lot of hassle – and for keeping me from getting stranded with no way to pay for my trip back to the airport! I offered to pay for his lunch, but he laughed and said it was his pleasure to help – no thanks necessary. Just then, his beautiful girlfriend stepped from the restaurant to check and make sure her boyfriend had been able to catch me. She was relieved he had, and when she realized I was a tourist she offered me a lift to wherever I wanted to go. I told he I didn’t know the area very well so could they recommend some sights for me to visit.
They had met some friends from college at the restaurant and were preparing to set out for a leisurely afternoon of activities and they invited me to join them. Just as I was planning on eagerly accepting their generous invitation, I heard a young girl squeal the word “prince” while looking toward my new friends. Could this be THE Prince – the crooner of such greats as “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry?” He certainly didn’t look like a rock star, though his girlfriend was pretty enough to be a rock star’s girlfriend. I inquired as to their names, especially since we were going to be spending the afternoon together. The young man apologized for not having already made the introductions, and told me his name was William and his fiancee’s name was Kate. William and Kate… Kate and William…William and Kate…why did that sound familiar? I couldn’t put my paw on it, but I figured it would come to me eventually.
We started our afternoon by taking a stroll in the park.

William and Kate told me some of the history of London and we discussed what we were going to do next – time was short as I did have to make sure I returned to the airport before the plane headed back to the States. They told me they had to go to William’s Dad’s house for a quick meeting, but then they were meeting some friends who had a boat. They invited me to tag along. As we were heading back to their car, we passed a hat shop – I had to go in. They waited patiently as I wore some more numbers off my Mom’s magic plastic card. I came out with a big bag of hats. I presented Kate with a lovely purple hat that matched the one I bought for myself. She was vey appreciative and promised to wear the hat for her meeting. I couldn’t leave William out, so I bought him a hat that would forever remind him of me.
As we pulled up to William’s family’s house, it suddenly dawned on me who my new friends were. It was Prince William, heir to the British throne, and his lovely fiancée Kate Middleton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited I nearly coughed up a hair ball, but I managed to keep it down in that unique and charming way us cats do. I tried to remain calm and cool. They were just the future king and queen of England, but I was Josie the Amazing One-eyed Cat! I kept telling myself that, though it was hard to suppress my excitement.
I sat and waited for them to change and before they came back into the room, a whole bunch of photographers came in. Then Williams and Kate came in and the cameras went crazy. Kate presented me with a replica of the stone that was in her engagement ring and she hung it on my collar. I was very happy to see she was wearing the hat I had given her. We looked quite the fashionistas in our matching hats. William even wore the hat I had given him. He had a great sense of humor though and he seemed to enjoy his unique hat.

We didn’t stay long as we were anxious to make the trip to meet their friends. I hoped they were all cat lovers! We had to drive a ways, but it was worth it. We had a great time zooming all over the water, stopping to take a dip and do some splashing!

We pretty much killed the whole afternoon and I suddenly realized I might miss my plane. William told me not to worry. He would get a helicopter to take me back to the airport. How cool is that!
I soon realized that riding in a helicopter sounded like it would be cool, but they are really quite terrifying!! I like the feel of having a lot of vehicle around me, and the helicopter gave me too much of a view of the sky and the teeny tiny people on the ground. My little paws were sore from holding on to the seat. Fortunately, I did arrive back at the plane just in time to slide into my first class seat and drift off to sleep.
When I awoke and thought about my day I was all excited. When I had said goodbye to William and Kate I gave them each a big hug and thanked them for their valuable time and attention. I wished them good luck on their upcoming nuptials. I told them I would be watching on television and I couldn’t wait to see how beautiful the pageantry of their royal wedding would be. Kate told me they would love it if I could come back to England to attend their wedding! I gave her my address and told her I would be watching the mailbox for my invitation.
So that’s how I came to be an obsessive mailbox watcher.

After a couple of weeks went by, I figured maybe they forgot about me, or there were too many important dignitaries that needed to be invited before a Yankee cat! I was disappointed, but I wasn’t mad at William and Kate. I’m sure they meant it at the time, and it sure was special getting to meet them.
As it always happens, as soon as I had given up hope and stopped watching the mailbox, it arrived!!! The invitation was beautiful!! They didn’t forget little old me after all!

I was so excited that I filled in the little reply card and sent it back immediately. Now I have to start looking for the perfect dress and HAT! Perhaps some gloves and stylish pumps are in order as well. The wedding is still a few weeks away so I have time to find the perfect, chic outfit – perhaps I should have gone to Fashion Week in Paris after all!!!
Until next week,

Love and kitty kisses,

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  1. Cor Blimey Josie , ya Really know how to Hob Knobb there gal ....... BTW luff's Williams Hat on him :-}}}}}}} ...Great Stuff
    Luff Maffew x x x <3