Thursday, November 18, 2010


Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy birthday to me! Yes, this week I turned 3 years old. My friends tell me I don’t look a day over 1 and ½! I have great friends. Speaking of great friends, I would like to thank all my wonderful Facebook friends who popped in to say happy birthday. It was so much fun having so many posts to read. But that was only part of my birthday fun…
My Mom and Dad had to work, so they gave me lots of birthday hugs and kisses in the morning before they had to leave. They promised they would treat me to a special birthday dinner that evening. Oh boy!! I was hoping it would be a big pile of tuna on a Ritz, my favorite meal.
My brother, Tristan, didn’t have to work, so I figured I would get to hang out with him and have him do my birthday bidding. But for some reason he was up early and said he had to leave for a while. Oh no! Everyone was leaving me on my birthday! He promised he wouldn’t be too long, but he ended up being gone over 2 hours!!!
When he returned he didn’t have any large packages wrapped in birthday paper, nor did he have any large sacks of food. So what was he doing for the last couple of hours? He didn’t say much as he passed me to head to his room.
I hopped onto the den couch to pout when I noticed movement in the backyard. I had a feeling something was up when Corny had stopped by when passing through the yard earlier in the morning. He had landed on the deck rail and opened his mouth to say something - all of a sudden he stopped, mouth open wide and just stared at me. Finally he screamed that he wasn’t allowed to talk to me and he abruptly flew off. I had suspected that my friends were going to throw me a surprise birthday party and Corny is not very good at keeping a secret. Now the activity in the yard proved me right. I ran to the mirror in the downstairs bathroom and started practicing my surprised look. I didn’t want to disappoint my friends – I wanted them to think I was really surprised.
I sat patiently on the den couch watching TV and trying not to look at the shadows passing by behind the drapes. After sitting through several Jerry Springer shows (where do they get these people!?!?!?!?), there finally came a knock on the back door. This was it! I collected myself and headed to the door. When I swung open the door, I was genuinely surprised!

I squealed with delight when I saw how many friends had gathered to help me celebrate my birthday. Neighborhood dogs and cats, Facebook friends, squirrels and ferrets. Wow! What a wonderful collection of critters!

And best of all, right smack in the middle of all my friends was a big, beautiful fish birthday cake. I don’t know who baked it, but it sure was beautiful. Everyone sang a round of Happy Birthday to Josie and then the party began!
I found out why Tristan had been gone so long. When I saw the backyard, I knew he must have helped my friends set up the activities. Even thought there was food and milk, I couldn’t wait to play, so I deferred eating until after I had some fun. Some of the party goers headed for the food and some scurried down the deck steps to have some fun!

I headed straight for the slide, while Lucy and Anthony headed for the seesaw. The biggest crowd was at the bounce castle. My squirrel friends had gotten there first - Bobbi, Skippy and Hammy were just chirping with glee as they bounced off each other. The others decided to wait for them to finish which caused a line to form outside the castle. After a while we all switched and my friends who had eaten, started playing and all of us who had been playing headed to the deck to get something to eat. I was relieved to see there were plenty tuna on a Ritz left on which to gorge myself.
Corny showed up again and apologized for being so rude earlier. He said he didn’t want to ruin the surprise and he knew he couldn’t have kept himself from telling me. He brought a whole bunch of noisemakers for us to… well … make noise! Now that was fun!!

We all made this funny honking kind of noise. We took turns to see who could make the loudest noise and at one point we were all honking at once. We started laughing so hard none of us could make a sound. We figured we had better cut that out before the neighbors started to complain!
My friends starting calling for me to cut the cake so I gladly obliged. It was delicious! We all had our fill of cake and milk and agreed that it was time for a long nap. I gave everyone a noisemaker as a party favor - I’m sure their families were thrilled!
I hugged each of my friends as they filed out of the yard. I thanked them for making my birthday so special. It was fun not being the one to plan the activities! When Mom and Dad finally arrived home from work I excitedly told them about my party. I thanked Tristan for helping my friends with the slide, seesaw and bounce castle. I gave them each a kiss on the nose and promptly fell asleep.
Now that my birthday is over, I can start looking forward to Thanksgiving! The holiday season of food and hats is upon us and I am excited!! Have a great week!!

Love & licks,

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