Thursday, November 11, 2010

Josie's Book Tour

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! First, I must apologize for totally dropping the catnip ball! I feel badly that I did not offer anything new on my website last week. Shame on me! But when you read today’s recount of the week, you will understand why!
I was very busy all week doing some heavy duty self-promotion, and I didn’t get to see my friends at all. But I did make lots of new friends and may even have found a new romantic interest! I have a very interesting story about that, but that’s a whole other blog!
First came the Holly Day Fair. A four day selling/shopping frenzy that was evidently attended by every human being in Fayetteville and a few other places too. I promised myself I was going to give one of my Josie Tales bookmarks to everyone that passed my table, but that proved impossible. I did my best, using the slower times to jump out from behind my table to present a lucky shopper with a free bookmark. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I was lucky to have a great setup. My friends at brought in several of their beautiful trees to encourage people to preorder their Christmas trees. Great idea! It smelled and looked like Christmas. I sat with my back to the trees so I wouldn’t have to fight the urge to run and swat at a dangling branch!

Many people stopped to smell the trees and when they did I pitched my book to them. It was a lot of fun meeting so many nice people and even more fun selling some books and mugs. I asked people to send me pictures of their cats, and I have received some! I hope some other folks send me pictures too.
The best thing of all was that some very generous people stopped at my table to donate money to FAPS – the shelter I lived in before I was adopted. I ended up collecting a nice little amount which made me proud! I called my friends at FAPS and asked them if I could stop by and present them with a check for the donations. Miss Kittie, the shelter director, told me they would love to meet me. She also agreed to sell my book at the shelter – how kind!
My brother, Tristan, was working, so Mom agreed to give me a ride to the shelter. She also wrote a check to the shelter for the donation funds. It was kind of weird seeing the shelter again. I could hear the dogs barking as soon as we got out of the car. I was nervous about seeing some of my old friends – that is if any of them were still there.
Miss Kittie and Miss Janice greeted Mom and I as we walked through the door. They were very excited to be working with me, as was I to be working with them. You know I never want to miss a photo opportunity, so I brought along the camera. I asked Ashley to take a picture of all of us as I presented Miss Kittie with the donation check.

I couldn’t stay long because I had reserved a table at the E Melvin Honeycutt Elementary School’s craft fair, so I took a quick trot through the shelter and said hello to a few cats and dogs who still had not found homes. It reminded me how lucky I am to have found a family.
I barely made it to EMHE on time, so I had to hurry to get set up. Mom helped me carry some of the boxes, but I still had to do my decorating. I somehow managed to get everything settled before the fair opened to the parents and students.

I made many children smile with my bookmarks, and managed to sell a book or two. All the children were very nice and we had fun looking at the pictures in my book and giggling. I was seated right next to a very nice lady selling caramels. Oooooh, yummy! She offered me a sample of her wares and I couldn’t resist. It was delicious, though I did have some stuck on my fang for a while. I don’t think cat’s teeth are made for eating candy!
My friend Isaiah stopped by to say hello. Isaiah attends EMHE and his Mom was the one who suggested I get a table at the fair. Isaiah picked up one of my books and started singing the 12 Days of Josie’s Christmas. I jumped in and we proceeded to sing it aloud all the way through. We had so much fun singing, I wish we could have added a few more days. How about the 20 days of Josie’s Christmas??!?!?!
Isaiah and his family graciously agreed to help me take my books and decorations back to Mom’s car when the fair was over. I waved goodbye to my new friends and thanked Isaiah, Faith and Miss Pam for their help.
I was exhausted from all my socializing and I couldn’t wait to crawl in to my bed and get some beauty rest. I started dozing on the way home, and Mom had to carry me in the house. She said I was snoring, but I don’t believe that!
I think I’m going to take a break from book selling this week and get the records in order. There’s something called sales tax that has to be paid by 11/20…maybe Mom can help with that.
Have a great weekend…read a book!

Love and Licks,

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