Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prom-ises! Prom-ises!

Helloooo my friends! I am so glad you stopped by to read my tale of the week! This week I have a tale about my fun experience at a high school prom! You know that anything that involves getting gussied up and going to a party is going to be a hoot!
My dear friend, Briana, was asked by school officials to extend to me an invitation to be one of the chaperones for the prom. Before Briana could even get the words out of her mouth I said “YES!” I just love hanging out with young people, so this was going to be a blast…er, I mean I would be honored to help supervise the bright young minds of Grays Creek HS.

This occasion would require some serious shopping! The dress I wore to the royal wedding was too formal for a prom, plus I needed something more youthful and hip looking. I figured Briana would be able to help me find the perfect dress, so we headed out together.
The hard thing about dress shopping is that it’s hard to pick a dress when they ALL look so good on you. I think that was more Briana’s problem than mine! Since dresses are not made with cats in mind, there are many alterations to be made to make a dress look fabulous on me. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before both Briana and I found the purrfect dresses!

The store had accessories as well, so I was able to complete my ensemble! I am partial to purple and pink, so the colors were just what I was looking for. I was surprised that the dress fit me exactly how I wanted it to and needed no alterations what so ever! Briana decided on her dress and shoes as well, so we were a step closer to being the belles of the ball!
The morning of the prom soon arrived and the next project was hair. In my case a good bath and fluff was all I needed, but Briana’s hair was a bit of a project. She wanted to look special, so a jazzy ‘do was in order. I borrowed my Mom’s blow dryer, and assorted sizes of curling irons and headed to Briana’s house. After a thorough washing and conditioning, it was time to create. As I learned from my human Mom, hairspray is the key. Every time I created a perfect curl I sprayed that sucker good!

I may have gone a bit overboard, because after a while I began to stick to the floor. Ooops! I made sure to wipe down the floor before I went home to get dressed!
My friend and fellow fashionista, Icy, was going to accompany me. She came over my house to get dressed. Once we were all begowned and behatted we wrapped ourselves in our fabulous boas and beckoned to Tristan to drive us to Briana’s house. I believe he rolled his eyes at us!
Jessica was already at Briana’s when we arrived. After we finished squealing and jumping up and down, I introduced Icy to Briana and Jessica. We talked one on top of the other complimenting each other on our dresses and accessories. Briana’s Mom snapped a quick picture before we headed out.

We were going to stop at the park to take some pictures in front of the fountain before heading to the prom venue. A fountain? On such a hot day, the fountain would be quite refreshing! Icy and I wouldn’t be able to stay long since I was a chaperone and needed to be there when the first students arrived.
It was very nice, though very hot, in the park. Us girls had fun vamping for the camera!

While Briana, Jessica and their dates continued the photo session, Icy and I explored the park. We had to be careful not to catch our dresses on anything, so climbing trees was out of the question. We tried to find some shade to keep cool, but it was even hot in the shade. We figured it would be cooler without our dresses so we slipped them and our boas off. That was a little better. Perhaps if we dangled our kitty paws in the fountain it would help – and it did! Then I had a great idea. I trotted back to Tristan’s car (he was our chauffeur for the day) and took a bag out of the trunk. Icy’s eyes lit up when she saw what was in the bag.

I think we scared Briana when we popped up behind her! Paddling about in the water in the fountain cooled us off completely - and it was a lot of fun! One should always keep a scuba mask and snorkel in one’s trunk!
Luckily we had some towels in the trunk to dry us off so we could re-fabulize ourselves. Once we were back in our jazzy attire we were ready to head to the school to perform the very important duty of chaperones.
The principal greeted us and thanked us for our help. He told us that even though we were there to keep an eye on the young men and women, we should also take some time to relax and have fun. Well, okay…if he insists!
I had done some tippy tapping to see what exactly went on at a prom. One of the more interesting traditions is something called spiking the punch. Icy and I wanted to be a part of the fun, so we had asked Tristan stop at a convenience store and pick up something with which we thought it would be fun to spike the punch. When no one was looking I took out the carton and poured while Icy stirred to mix it in. We laughed at our sneakiness - this was fun!

One by one the thirsty prom goers would come up and ladle up a glass of punch. They would sip it, then make a funny face and either put the glass down and walk away, or gulp it all down. Icy and I would just watch and yowl every time someone made a face. Weren’t we the naughty kitties?!?!?!?!?
All the young people were well behaved, so there wasn’t much chaperoning to do. The principal told us we didn’t have to stay the whole time if we didn’t want to. Why would we want to leave when the party was just getting going? Now that we were free of our duties, we could let loose. The first good dance song that came on sent Icy and I bopping to the dance floor. Woooohoooo! Let the dancing begin!!!!!!

Icy and I stayed on the dance floor for the remainder of the night. As it got late and the young people started to head out, Icy and I collapsed on an empty table!

It had been a long day and we had not taken our requisite number of cat naps. We were just worn out and our little paws were aching from all the dancing. Tristan came in and told us that Briana had called him to tell him that we needed someone to carry us to the car and drive us home. He gently laid one of us on each of his shoulders and carried us out. I waved goodbye to the last of the prom goers and then promptly fell asleep. I don’t even remember Tristan putting me in the car!
I slept all through the night and late into the morning. It’s tough trying to keep up with teenagers – they’re just bundles of energy! I took it easy for the next couple of days and tried to stay off my aching paws as much as possible. It was worth it though, Icy and I had such a good time!
Have a wonderful week and congratulations to all the graduates and their families! You should be very proud!

Love & kitty kisses,

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