Thursday, April 28, 2011

Me and my Peeps!!!

Hello friends! By the time you read this, I will have already experienced the wonder that will be the royal wedding. I am in London already, hanging out with my friends enjoying some fabulous sightseeing and celebrity watching. It's so exciting! The anticipation is almost unbearable – it will be such a letdown when it is all over!
But I am getting ahead of myself. My blog about the royal wedding will have to be next week, since it won’t happen until Friday morning, long after I have written my weekly ramblings. So instead, let me tell you about the fun Easter events that occurred last Sunday.
Being a cat, I like to chase anything that may have the nerve to move in my backyard. I kept hearing about the Easter bunny who visited every house each Easter leaving candy and other assorted goodies for the children. I thought it would be good fun to chase the Easter bunny – surely he would be tired from so much travel and a good scare and subsequent chase would help wake him up and get his blood flowing – plus chances are he would drop some candy leaving more for me!
Stalking other creatures is always more fun with friends, so I put out the word that I was hosting a bunny hunt in my yard Saturday night. I was surprised at the number of friends that were up for the event! After I had my final count, I went to the Party store and secured enough bunny ears for all my guests.
As each guest arrived I handed them a pair of bunny ears and helped them arrange them properly on their head. My logic was that the Easter bunny wouldn’t hesitate to enter a yard full of other bunnies, as opposed to a yard filled with oh… say… cats! We all had a good laugh as we shook our head to make our ears flop around. It must be fun to be a bunny!
We decided that our tails might give us away so we would have to hide if we were wanted the Easter bunny to come into the yard. Steve, Icy, Edward, Tuppy and Anthony hid on the side of the yard with the big old tree. Poor Bobbi came by in the ears I had given her to show me how cute she looked without realizing there were cats in the yard that didn’t know her. I had to rush to her aid to keep her from becoming our first chase!

After I escorted Bobbi out of the yard, it was time for the rest of us to find hiding spots in another part of the yard. We placed some yummy looking carrots right smack dab in the middle of the yard to make sure the Easter bunny stopped in the yard. I tried to tell Jack that the squirrel seed box was not big enough to hide him, but he wanted to be the first to see the Easter bunny. Georgie, Matthew, Taz and I found more appropriate hiding places

We were all set! It wasn’t long before the sun went down and it was dark. We told stories of our success chasing critters that were foolish enough to cross our paths. Then we moved on to telling the worst jokes we knew. I had the unfair advantage of knowing Corny – my source for the absolutely worst jokes in the word!!
One by one we started yawning. Where was that bunny? We started to count the stars in the sky and then …..

Sometime during the night we had abandoned our hiding positions and ended up on the deck. Don’t ask me how, but let me say, I would have loved to see a pack of sleep walking cats stumbling across the yard! The sun had risen and the yard had been transformed into an Easter paradise!

There were eggs all over the yard! The Easter bunny had come after all! He had left two giant baskets under one of the trees!! I wondered why two? We were all adults and only kittens would get baskets. Then it dawned on me and I called my kitten friends Dillie Bean and Yogi Bear to come over. Boy, were they excited when they saw their baskets!!!

I warned them not to eat too much candy, though I don’t think they heard me.
We all had fun batting the eggs around the yard, and I amused the little ones with my juggling skills. Fortunately, they were chocolate eggs, so I didn’t have to worry about them breaking and making a mess.

Of course we had to endure a visit from the vigilante cardinals, who were patrolling the neighborhood making sure that no real eggs were harmed during any Easter celebrations.

I reminded them that they had visited last year and had scolded me for no reason. Just the same as last year, I told them that the eggs were made of chocolate, so no avian nests had been raided. They cocked their heads, gave me the stink eye and went on their hostile, vigilante way.
The little ones wore out quickly and soon settled down for a nap. Some of my friends had to return home, but the rest of us headed out to drive our special car in the Easter Parade.

We were quite a hit and we had fun waving to the crowds. We all looked especially beautiful/handsome in our Easter bonnets! I’m not a particularly good driver, so the others in the car spent a lot of time yelling at people to watch out!
We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home and then went our separate ways. I think we all immediately began preparing for our trip to London for THE wedding. I had several suitcases packed by evening and I could hardly sleep that night. The next morning I headed to the airport so I would have some time to enjoy London before the rest of the world descended upon it for the big event.
Have a great week! I will give you my first hand account of the royal wedding next week!!!
Love & kitty kisses,

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