Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coming to America

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! It felt so good to just stay in one place this past week. While I was travelling, I would wake up at night and not know where I was… NC…Colombia…Australia. I had to wait for my head to clear to remember what part of the world I was in – a nice problem to have!
Since my last two weeks’ discourses were quite lengthy (and my paws are still sore from all that tippy tapping!) this week’s tale will be short and sweet. Well, short anyway…
As you might recall, at the end of my tale last week, I had just returned home from Australia ladened with a variety of souvenirs. One particularly interesting souvenir was in a very big box. My parents eyed it nervously as it sat on the back seat of the car on the way home from the airport. Every now and then the box would move suddenly and Mom would jump. She asked me what I had gotten myself and them into, and I just gave her a big old Cheshire cat smile. I couldn’t wait to show them what it was!

When we arrived home, I carefully took the box out of the car and Dad helped me carry it to the deck in the backyard.

I waited until Mom, Dad and Tristan were gathered around and I started this big introduction building up to the grand finale – the opening of the box. Evidently, the contents of the box wanted to be in the box no more and came bursting out startling everyone. Even though I knew what was in the box, the suddenness of its emergence scared the catnip out of me!

We all jumped back – and the others stared in disbelief. It was my new friend Roody! Roody and I had hit it off so great in Australia, she asked if she could come back to the States with me. I figured she would be quite helpful - seeing that she had a built in pouch and all – so I assured Mom and Dad she would earn her keep. Mom and Dad smiled and welcomed Roody, then turned and went inside, their heads shaking in disbelief.
Bobbi and Steve heard the commotion and came running to make sure everything was okay. They were very pleased to meet Roody and Bobbi giggled at Roody’s Australian accent. Bobbi and Steve had never seen an animal with a built in pouch and they were fascinated by it. Roody was a good sport and let them climb into her pouch one by one to check it out. Then Steve commented on her strong looking, funny shaped legs. In response Roody scooped up Steve and deposited him into her pouch. She tossed Bobbi on her shoulders and they were off hopping around the yard faster than any of us could ever run! Steve howled with delight as they sped around and around the yard.

“This is like a really fast pogo stick!” Steve squealed as he passed by me again. Of course, once the other animals heard the sounds of fun coming from the yard, they had to join in too. Poor Roody had to give every critter in the neighborhood a ride! She didn’t seem to mind though, as she was the center of attention. Everyone loved her!
I finally had to shoo the gang away so Roody could get some rest. Before I let her settle in for a nice long sleep, I wanted to see if there was enough room in her pouch for all my Valentine’s Day hats. Valentine’s Day was the next day and I needed a variety of appropriate hats to wear during the day. I brought all my red hats out to the deck and started loading them up. Without even having to stuff them in, they fit perfectly. This was going to be great! There would always be an appropriate hat close at hand!

Roody was too big to be a house kangaroo (plus I don’t think Mom would even entertain the idea) so I brought out a pillow and blankets for her to make a bed. She wasn’t used to the cold so I made sure there were enough blankets to keep her warm. She said she would take up residence under the deck so she wouldn’t be a bother. I brought her out something to eat and bid her goodnight. I gave her a hug and kiss and went to find my own warm bed in which to curl up! Aaaaaaah! There’s no place like home!!
Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! While I don’t have a special Tom of my own, I have many wonderful friends who made me feel very special and loved. Big Valentine hugs and kitty kisses to all my friends and family! Mwah!


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