Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Close-up!

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! We are still waiting for Fall to arrive here in North Carolina – we had temperatures in the 90’s every day this week! I was tired from the fair goings on last week, so I thought my friends and I would just lay low and chill at the movies.
I had seen a commercial on television for a movie called “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.” That sounded like a movie that a pack of cats should see together! I rounded up a bunch of my feline friends who were cinema aficionados. My new friend Ernie wanted to come along as well as dear friends Rocky and Felisha. Of course Malcolm was not to be left behind!
We needed a ride, of course, so we told my brother that there were lots of pretty girls at the movies if he was man enough to go to a chick flick. He wasn’t too thrilled with that idea, but there was a good action movie showing, so he agreed to give us a ride. While we all were getting in the car I noticed that Malcolm was not wearing his usual KFC bucket on his head. He had worn it on all of our recent adventures, so I knew something was up. When I questioned him about it, he mumbled something about the theater not having any chicken but not allowing outside food. He then went off in a huff and plopped himself in the backseat of the car, I don’t know what he meant by that, but his brightly colored high hat certainly looked more than a little silly!
By the looks of the ticket line, we were the only non-humans attending this particular showing of the movie… or so we thought.

When we reached the ticket booth, I whipped out my Mom’s magic plastic card and paid for all the tickets. After the nice young lady swiped the card and gave us our tickets, she reached for a stack of these funny looking glasses and gave each one of us a pair. She explained that the movie was in 3-D and we needed to wear these glasses to get the full effect. Evidently with these glasses things were going to look like they were coming off the screen at us – cool!
When we entered the theater we saw that there were, indeed, other animals at this show…dogs. I saw the potential for some trouble but we nodded hello and took our seats. The one thing that seemed to help was that we all looked silly in the 3-D glasses. We sat pointing and giggling at each other as we waited for the show to start. One of the dogs was wearing a shirt which struck me as odd, but I figure a bunch of cats wearing hats probably struck him as odd as well!
As we watched other mover goers enter the theater, we noticed that many of them had food and drinks. Bernie – the St. Bernard – told us that there was a snack bar in the lobby. He said he was dying for some Sno-Caps, but he didn’t have any extra money. I told him about my Mom’s magic plastic card and offered to purchase a snack for him and anyone else who was hungry. I figured that would help the dog – cat relationship in the theater because I knew the movie was going to show dogs and cats at odds. Well, that opened the floodgate and it turned out that everyone wanted a snack and/or beverage!!! I took several of my friends with me to help carry all the food. Oddly enough, Malcolm was the only one who did not ask for any food. Now, THAT was weird!
When we returned with the food I saw that Malcolm had turned his hat upside down and it was filled with fried chicken. He had put the chicken in the hat and then put it on his head. He had been walking around all this time with chicken in his hat! We distributed the food and settled in for the movie.
The 3-D effects were really fun and sometimes kind of scary. We screamed and laughed and cheered – sometimes all at once!

Halfway through the movie we ran out of food. Everyone was enjoying the movie and didn’t want to miss any of it. Since I had the magic plastic card I would have to go, and Bernie was nice enough to offer to help. I asked if he thought that just the two of us could do it and he said yes. Turned out he was right! (Though I did drop the Mild Duds!)

Now that everyone had sustenance, we could all enjoy the rest of the movie. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and all stood and applauded when it was over. Kitty Galore was a great villain and a very bad kitty, so she needed to be stopped. We said goodbye to our new doggie friends and started to the aisle to head home. I noticed lots of food wrappers, cups and chicken bones on the floor where we were sitting. We had started to pick up the trash when a theater employee told us not to worry about it – he would take care of it. I felt bad leaving so much of a mess, but at least we had piled it in the aisle so the worker could just bag it up. It made me realize that we had eaten A LOT!

As we headed out we asked the girl in the ticket booth if we had to return the 3-D glasses. She said no, they were ours to keep! Wow! Free souvenirs! Maybe I’ll use them to watch TV from now on!
Our little group chatted about their favorite parts of the movie while we stood and waited for Tristan to get out of his movie. Standing out in the heat after eating all of that food was not a good idea, and several of us began to feel queasy. We were trying t be polite, but we figured we would feel much better if we let out some burps. Just as we were ready to start the relief effort, Tristan pulled up - he had somehow gotten past us. We all jumped in the car and commenced letting out some very large belches…not burps…belches. Ooooh, that felt so good. Felisha was the ever proper little lady. She put her paw to her mouth and made the tiniest burp I had ever heard. She giggled and excused herself. As I started to laugh at her little teeny tiny burp I let out a loud one. We all laughed ourselves even sicker. Tristan was VERY happy when we arrived home.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Grab a bunch of friends, some soda and popcorn and go see a movie- maybe even a 3-D one. Everyone can use a pair of free cool glasses!
Love & licks,

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